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Lisa Summer

Lisa Summer

November 22, 2021
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The Galapagos is such a sensory experience, the smells of nature at their most raw and real environments, the sounds of so many birds, marine life and waves crashing, the feeling of so much life and seeing so much wildlife and marine life co-existing at one point and in one place, it’s truly a wonderful and life changing place to visit! http://) Traveling October 23rd – 31st is a season of winter and the dry season, but a great place to visit anytime of the year. Starting the Galapagos experience in Ecuador, rather Quito or Guayaquil, there is so much to see on the mainland before going to the islands. Be sure to carve out a few days prior, not just to acclimate, but to enjoy the region as there is a lot to see in the beautiful country of Ecuador. The local food is so colorful and interesting, the celebration of corn adds crunch and so much depth in flavor. I do recommend Quito as visiting the Andes Mountain Range, taking a cable car up to over 12,000 ft. is a great experience. There is so much science with the Latitude of 0.0’00”, to see what happens 8 ft north and then 8 ft south. Quito is a great start to an educational journey that continues in the Galapagos!

The Silversea Origin is an exquisite way to see the Galapagos, with 50 suites on board, spacious and designed just for these islands. The details in your suite are absolutely perfect, such as a water station in the bathroom to refill your water bottle, extra storage under the bed to store luggage, hooks in the closet to hang your backpacks and snorkel bags which are assigned to you for your stay. You feel like your in a custom designed home while on board. The zodiac’s come right up to the aft of the ship and you step off on steps with an area to hose off sandy feet, then their stations to rinse off snorkel/scuba gear, towels/robes and warm hot chocolate as you enter into the ship. Every aspect of the Silversea Origin is comfortable and well though out.

The night prior we gathered for a cocktail and then to hear a lecture about the region, which applied to what we were scheduled to do the next day. Then a debrief about the next days plans and ability to sign up for what would like to do. Mornings would involve either a moderate hike, an easy hike, or a zodiac trip. Then back on the ship for lunch and moving the ship. The afternoon would offer new experiences, rather snorkeling, kayaking, a different highlight for the afternoon. Seeing sea turtles in the mangroves, doing a nature walk with a Naturalist along the coast, or doing inland to see the giant land turtles. Each day is packed full with learning about what makes the Galapagos such a wonderful gift and so unique. Learning about Darwin and the research really opened my eyes and so many things in science that were concepts, became tangible.

From the first day flying into San Cristobal and taking a zodiac from the pier to the ship, my eyes were huge and my mouth wide open an ah, I don’t think I shut my mouth or closed my eyes until I got home. Climbing almost 300 steps at Bartholome Summit, to seeing the most amazing sea turtles and penguins in Punta Vicente Roca, or the giant lava iguanas that dive into the ocean to eat plantation in Punta Espinoza, Fernandina, I loved the mangroves and hundreds of sea turtles and seals sleeping in trees at Elizabeth Bay. I collected a post card at Post Office Bay, to deliver to someone that lives pretty close to me, looking forward to dong that! The snorkeling experience at Punta Cormora, I’ve never seen so many big fish and so many different kinds of marine life in one view! And, I have gone scuba diving in many different waters and the views here were absolutely amazing! The giant turtles in Santa Cruise and the coca tasting was a moment in time I will never forget. The experiences the Galapagos are nature at its finest, most enriched and so vibrant with your senses. An experience that is a true ‘bucket list’ and one that I’m excited to share with YOU!

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