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Guided Vacation of Italy with Globus

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Penny Leonhardt

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Penny Leonhardt recently returned from a Globus tour where she had the opportunity to experience Rome, Sorrento and Alberobello. Lugging her luggage, fighting traffic, waiting in lines at the popular tourist sites, were not part of her experience, thanks to Globus.

What type of tour was this? What is the advantage of taking a Globus tour?

This was a guided tour. With this guided tour we had an expedited guided tour of the Vatican. The local guide arranged for us to enter the Colosseum through a private ‘Gladiator’ entrance. Others were looking at us and wondering how we managed that! Globus altered our itinerary at the last minute so we could go to Positano in smaller vehicles as the motorcoach would not be able to traverse the windy roads. Positano was a highlight! In Sorrento, our guide knew the local owner of a gelato shop. The owner opened his shop just for us and showed us how (and we helped) to make gelato. The same thing happened with the local craftsman who makes inlaid wood items. Nick, our guide, arranged for us to have a short presentation by the owner.

Tell us about your favorite destination while in Italy?

Ever hear of Agriturismo tourism? It is a true farm to table experience. Our stay in Alberobello was a true Agriturismo. Strolling the streets of Alberobello to admire the unique cylindrical houses called “truilli” gave you a sense of another time. Again, our guide, Nick, came through once again. He knew a man in the town who invited us to his truilli home. Stepping inside the little house that looked like it came from a fairy tale was a treat, but listening to the man who lived there talk about raising a family inside that little beehive structure was truly memorable!

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for someone going on a similar trip?

  1. Have your devices with you – there is complimentary Wifi on the motorcoach!
  2. Be ready to be spoiled as you never have to lift your luggage. Globus takes care of all the schlepping!
  3. Be prepared to have someone else handle the challenges. The Globus Tour Director will make sure your group is accommodated if there are unexpected delays or changes (horrible Roman traffic) and you never have to worry about it!