Beloved Cities of Italy with Tauck

Shelley Heyman

Shelley Heyman

September 20, 2019
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Draw as close as possible to the monuments, masterpieces and marvelous food found throughout Italy with the unmatched escorts of Tauck Tours. Venice, Florence and Rome offer a wonderful introduction to this popular European country.Shelley Heyman not only got to experience the Italian culture and relaxed approach to the day of its citizens, she was also immersed in Jewish history.

Was this a guided tour? If guided, what did you get to see or do that you may not have been able to otherwise?

This was one of the best guided tours I've ever been on. We even had a private evening tour of the Vatican and very specialized tours of Jewish synagogues in each city, and the Jewish Ghetto in Rome and Venice.

Tell us about your favorite destination within the itinerary?

Venice was a very special city and my favorite! We had beautiful weather, very good guides and the best hotel on the tour.

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for someone going on a similar trip?

  1. Traveling in October or April is ideal; it's the "shoulder season" so it's far less crowded, a bit cooler and the vendors and restaurants are far more welcoming.
  2. Don’t overpack and leave room for shopping!
  3. Travel with friends - everything is better with pals.

If you were to plan this trip again, would you do anything differently OR what would you make sure you do again?

I would go to Cinque Terre first and then meet group in Venice and I would definitely go to Amalfi Coast, as we did for 3 days after. Very nice to be traveling independently after being with a group for 7 nights.

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