Traveling Like a Local Along France's Coast

Therese Pouilly

Therese Pouilly

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I had a wonderful time recently on my trip to South Brittany, France. I was born in France so it is always a pleasure to return; this time I rented an old farm house with eight people right near the beach. I’m not from South Brittany, but I used to vacation there often.

South Brittany is on the west coast of France and is full of beautiful beaches and countryside.There were five bedrooms total in the farmhouse, and we had a great time grilling in the outdoor area, especially since there is so much fresh seafood and handmade sausage available at the local markets.

This is really a great getaway; there are small towns nearby to visit and lovely old stone houses. Many of the old farms have been renovated for tourism, and there are well kept hiking paths that used to be used by the border patrol all along the coast. The north coast is much more rocky, but still very beautiful. This is a really amazing place to visit; I prefer it over the French Riviera.

All over there are many sites with Carnac stones, like little Stonehenges! You can hike to these, or you can drive

It is also really wonderful to experience the local culture of the nearby villages. We attended a Catholic celebration in the afternoon and evening and saw performances of folkloric dances, people playing the bag-pipes and amazing fireworks! The fireworks were so extensive that we were convinced we were seeing the finale four times before they were done! If you want to see a beautiful and unique side of France, South Brittany is the place I would them. I strongly recommend renting a car if you are going to vacation in this area since it is out in the country. Don’t worry about renting a car though, it’s easy, and they drive on the right side of the road too! One of the best things about going to France is of course the food. The butter there is so fresh, and there are so many fresh oysters and mussels that are just out of this world. This area is also famous for their buckwheat crepes; all different kinds from sugar to ham and eggs.

Therese’s Tips for Visiting France

  • Rent a car to get around, and always have a good map (a paper map or one on your phone or mobile device). Navigating the roads is easy, but there are fewer places to ask for directions in the country.
  • Be sure to book well ahead of time. This is a popular area, so it is always better to plan ahead.
  • Be sure to check out local cultural events in the small towns and cities.

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