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Katie Clark

Katie Clark

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Those seeking to soak up the Irish heritage at a pub, view its historic buildings dating back to the 13th century, or simply take in the miles of breathtaking greenery, the incredible city of Dublin, Ireland offers something for everyone. And to make a trip to Ireland that much more incredible, let CIE Tours be your guide!

Having lead escorted tours like this one for over 250 years, they have clearly found the secret of longevity in the escorted travel world. One of Bon Voyage Travel's very beast advisors Katie Clark recently took a trip to Ireland with CIE Tours and found their expertise and exclusive access to main attractions made the trip something to remember.

As an escorted tour, what did you get to see or do that you may not have been able to otherwise?

Great guide who had extensive knowledge of history and a wonderful sense of humor.

CIE hosted a private party for us in the General Post Office headquarters for the 1916 Easter Rising. GPO was closed to the public, but open for our group. We also had a private viewing area for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in front of the GPO.

Part of the tour included St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Guinness Brewery and whiskey tasting at Liberties Distillery. We went to Newgrange, over 5,000 year old passage tomb and to the beautiful Wicklow Mountains to see Glendalough, site of a 6th century monastery. There was beautiful scenery en route. We had plenty of free time and the driver was willing to drop people off in town after various tours. The flexibility was nice.

Tell us about your favorite destination within the itinerary?

I enjoyed the General Post Office and the Irish festivities. I rented a car and we were on our own for several days. Loved the city of Killarney too!

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for someone going on a similar trip?

  1. The guided trip was only 5 days. I recommend staying longer and seeing more (which we did.)
  2. Take rain gear with you.
  3. They drive on the left – so look to the right! 😊

If you were to plan this trip again, would you do anything differently OR what would you make sure you do again?

This was the first time CIE offered this specific itinerary. They might make changes once they get feedback from everyone. But overall, I enjoyed it so much and can't wait to go back!

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