Trekking the Copper Canyon with Trafalgar

Vicki Keune

Vicki Keune

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An odyssey through the massive gorges of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains in Mexico is simply awe inspiring. If you're an enthusiast of nature, hiking, exploring and photography then you will find this itinerary from Trafalgar most appealing.

What was your favorite thing about Trafalgar?

Very well informed on the entire trip. Always very helpful.

What were the most interesting destinations?

The canyon itself was awe inspiring. Such beauty in every direction!

What were the most memorable services or experiences?

To meet 43 other likeminded travelers and getting to know them all very well.

What were your favorite parts of the tour?

The walking tour around the Canyon was a highlight. Also the boat ride at San Carlos with dolphins all around, racing in front of us and jumping over the waves.

What are 3 “helpful tips” you would tell someone that may not be familiar with this trip?

  1. Take bug spray.
  2. Take a flashlight.
  3. Be sure to have lots of space on your camera as there are photo ops everywhere!

This Cruise line/ Land vendor is best suited for the following guests:

  • Active Adults
  • Seasoned Travelers
  • Solo Travelers

What would you consider a “must” for this trip?

To see the Mata Ortiz pottery. It's gorgeous.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your trip?

Trafalgar did a great job with clean and comfortable buses and very knowledgable tour guides. Meals were good. Rooms were pretty rustic but were clean and comfortable.

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