Exotic Costa Rica & Panama Canal Cruise with Windstar

Lisa Summer

Lisa Summer

April 1, 2017
Advisor Stories / Lisa Summer / Exotic Costa Rica & Panama Canal Cruise with Windstar

Imagine exploring the Panama Canal and learning the history of its construction all while enjoying pure luxury aboard Windstar Cruises. This is exactly what Lisa Summer had the opportunity to experience along with other exciting destinations.

What were your favorite destinations? Why?

Panama Canal and Costa Rica are pretty amazing! I loved the Panama Canal itself, the history and how it was built was so interesting and Windstar does a great job sharing this information. This region has more wildlife and biodiversity than anywhere in the world! I also enjoyed Bahia Drake and Puerto Jimenez, these ports opened my eyes to seeing new wildlife and vegetation.

Did you go on any special shore excursions or side-trips?

  • Puerto Jimenez – I had a Tico meal at the Finca Clandestina Lodge, along with a Culinary experience by cooking lunch on the patio in the jungle. The beach and wildlife was absolutely amazing.
  • Dahia Draka – The boat tour in the Terraba-Sierpe Wetland and Mangrove forest was my favorite. Macaws, monkeys, big crock, huge Iguana, sloths, many different monkeys, so much to see in 6 hours, was the most interesting and diverse tour.
  • Quepos – I went to the Wildlife Rescue Center called “Kids Saving the Rainforest.” I saw all kinds of rehabilitation environments for rescued animals, and the passion and love of the locals for their culture and country! Loved this experience!

What are your top three pieces of advice for someone going on a similar trip?

  1. Great transfers to the port in Colon and Puerto Caldera are important.
  2. Definitely worth a tour post cruise to see the coffee plantations in Costa Rica, nice to get up in the mountains as the higher altitude is cooler and so lush and green.
  3. Definitely need to go out in one port to see the wildlife in the region. Seeing the monkeys, macaws and sloths in the wild is pretty amazing!

Have you been to this destination before, or would you want to come back again? Why?

First time to this destination. Yes, I would love to share this destination with my husband. The best experience was Windstar, on a small ship through the canal was fantastic!

Do you have any upcoming trips that you are excited about?

Oh yes! Oceania Riviera in May to the Mediterranean, around Italy. And, AmaWaterways in November, The Rhine.

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