Navigating the Panama Canal with Crystal

Shelley Heyman

Shelley Heyman

January 1, 2015
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Sailing through the engineering feat that is the Panama Canal is impressive, remarkable and unforgettable. But this often overlooked nation is more than just a link between the Americas - and Crystal Cruises lets you see it all in all-inclusive elegance.

Like advisor Shelley Heyman recently discovered and recaps below, the Panama Canal is fantastic, but the rest of the itinerary is equally as impressive - especially when it's experienced aboard Crystal Cruises.

What was your favorite thing about Crystal?

The entertainment on the ship was spectacular! World-class shows were a nightly occurence.

What were the most interesting destinations?

It was fascinating to learn the history of how the Panama Canal was constructed and to see how it works and the progress of the new canal. But the port days were awesome too. Between the many idyllic islands, the laid-back Caribbean vibe and the beauty and biodiversity of the turquoise seas in each port of call, I experienced some of the best beaches in the world and world-class service on the ship.

What were the most memorable on-board services or experiences?

  • Dinner at Silk Road was the best sushi I’ve ever eaten, hands down.
  • The Piano Bar provided nightly entertainment with an extremely personable and talented pianist.
  • Get up early to see the Panama Canal from the deck or your private verandah - it's worth it!

What was your favorite shore excursion?

Cozumel was a beautiful day. We sailed on a catamaran, went snorkeling and then visited to a private beach.

What are 3 “helpful tips” you would tell someone that may not be familiar with this cruise or the ship:

  1. Make sure to go to all nightly performances.
  2. Eat at Silk Road and try the sushi!
  3. Enjoy the early evening performances of the String Quartet.

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