Cruising the Norwegian Fjords Aboard Regent Seven Seas

Susan Gould

Susan Gould

January 1, 2015
Advisor Stories / Susan Gould / Cruising the Norwegian Fjords Aboard Regent Seven Seas

For a truly unrivaled experience and the very best way to enjoy the majesty of the Norwegian Fjords and surrounding Scandinavia, look no further than the all-inclusive, all suite luxury of Regent Seven Seas - one of the world’s premier luxury lines.

Recently we talked to expert Bon Voyage Travel advisor Susan Gould about her recent Regent Seven Seas cruise through the Norwegian Fjords. Susan has been to dozens of countries and has traveled all over the world from Europe to Australia, China and the Caribbean, just to name a few. She loves getting first-hand experience with the places and cruise lines she recommends to clients, and she puts the Norwegian Fjords aboard Regent up there with the top vacations she's ever had.

One of Susan’s favorite sights was The Seven Sisters waterfall, a waterfall in Norway made of seven separate streams hundreds of feet high. “Unexpectedly about halfway to the top a woman comes right out of the falls and begins to sing!” said Susan. She also enjoyed the Flam railway, a rail journey that takes you to see the best of Norway’s natural beauty and creative engineering. “Scandinavia was very safe and clean, and I loved the mix of modern design with the interesting ancient Viking history.”

Susan had been to Norway before, but had never seen the fjords. Going during the summer months meant that the temperatures were in the mid-50s and 60s. The shore excursions were some of the best parts of the trip. “Not only is the landscape amazing, but the tour guides were so interesting. Most were in their 70s, and were alive during World War II. They had so many fascinating stories about their lives and the history of the country.” The personal tours were one of the ways Susan felt her cruise experience became a special journey.

When we asked Susan if she had any advice for someone looking to cruise on a similar itinerary, she said: “I always tell my clients to make safety a priority. Really research the places you are going or ask your advisor. There are some places in Europe for example where you want to be a little more cautious about carrying cash.”

Susan went on to say that “more than just traveling, I love being able to meet new people and make new friends. That’s what’s great about being a travel advisor, things are always changing and it’s always interesting!”

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