California Coastal with Princess Cruises

Marybeth Ricciardi

Marybeth Ricciardi

January 1, 2015
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Cruising down the coast of the Golden State with Princess offers a close-to-home cruise experience for those looking for relaxation, wine tasting and excursions tailor made for families.

Marybeth Ricciardi recently enjoyed this relaxing getaway and her recap is below. Taking a seven-day California Coastal cruise on the Grand Princess was all about quality time with her mother, sister and daughter, according to Marybeth Ricciardi.

“We were in a beautiful suite,” she said. “The crew on the ship was so nice and very accommodating.”

Traveling roundtrip out of San Francisco, the cruise went to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego and Ensenada, Mexico.

“The San Diego Zoo was our favorite,” she said.

This itinerary is perfect for anyone interested in wine, with plenty of tasting excursions to take advantage of along the route. Families looking for a spring break trip should consider the itinerary.

One tip Marybeth had was to be prepared for lots of walking, both on the ship and on shore excursions. They had a wheelchair set up in advance to assist her mother embarking and disembarking but she wishes they had thought about having one on the cruise as well.

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