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The Savvy Traveler's Guide to New Zealand

Join Ignacio Maza, Signature Travel Network’s Executive Vice President, as he shares insights from his recent visit to New Zealand. During his journey covering both islands, Ignacio traveled to major destinations as well as hidden gems throughout the country. Ignacio stayed at or visited 15 of the top lodges, resorts, and hotels throughout New Zealand. Along the way, he met with guides, general managers of hotels, and senior leaders of New Zealand’s tourism industry to learn from the most knowledgeable experts of this destination. Watch this special program and learn about New Zealand, including where to go, unique experiences, insider information, the best places to stay, interesting options, and practical advice to help you start thinking about your next journey to this fantastic destination. **Originally aired 5/20/2020**

Some itineraries, prices or promotions may no longer be applicable. Contact Bon Voyage Travel for details.